10 things to do while waiting for test results

Getting a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease is not simple. If your family members haven’t been diagnosed, then most of us- young and old- go through a multitude of steps to get our diagnosis.

After seeing doctors, spending a long time with a rheumatologist, I was sent to a neurologist who undertook a muscle biopsy for my diagnosis of having complex IV deficiency – mitochondrial disease.

I am currently part of a trial with the Australian Genomic Health Alliance and Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation to receive my genetic test results. More info here: http://www.amdf.org.au/agha-amdf-genetic-testing-partnership/

Waiting for test results is incredibly frustrating. Keeping in mind Mito Merch is for creating awareness through humour… here are my top 10 things I do to while waiting for test results:

1. Stress out about the worst possible result.
2. Watch a season of a binge worthy Netflix show.
3. Consume your comfort food of choice (also negatively impacting on energy production but stuff you mito).
4. Stress out about the results.
5. Read a book.
6. Spend time with friends and family
7. Explain to friends and family that you STILL don’t have your results, and yes it is annoying.
8. Throw yourself into work or study (which results in using too much energy, but stuff you mito).
9. Get annoyed at someone who can do something you can’t (like frequently exercising).
10. Stress out about the results.


What do you do while waiting for test results?

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  • Hi Alice, I discovered your blog today and well…. my boss might not be as happy as me :) I promise I’ll get back to work any minute! I have loved it, I am at the muscle biopsy stage, so not a confirmed Mito diagnosis – the blog has been a light shining through with humour and life! Thank you xo


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